CCRG Visitors from Scandinavia


March 30 - Our Model A friends Ollie Bergstrom from Sweden and Chris Christensen from Norway attended the CCRG banquet on Saturday evening, March 25th. They are touring the US for a couple of weeks and went to Porterville, CA to attend the CCRG Jamboree.They made a presentation to the CCRG and to MAFCA.

The Scandinavian Model A Ford Group has been working on a project for a number of years to reproduce the Ford literature, just like the original. They presented to MAFCA a series of their reproductions. They are exact replicas of the Ford literature of the time. Ollie also presented MAFCA with a beautiful tapestry of his 180-A. These generous gifts will be displayed at MAFCA Headquarters. Thank you, Olle and Chris!.