Re-Engineering the Model A Engine

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Long time MAFCA member Terry Burtz of Campbell California has long been working on a project to have a new Model A engine block, crankshaft and connecting rods manufactured. The engine will be identical to the original Model A engine on the outside but will have 5 main bearings, a balanced crankshaft, and full pressurized oil system.

He began this project in 2007 and has worked with California foundries for several years trying to get an end product that would cost about the same as rebuilding an original Model A engine. The project stalled in 2015 and for the next 4 years, there was no news.

However, in 2019, Terry got in touch with a man with businesses in China and USA that manufactures engines. They have met and discussed Terry's project and it looks like the project is back on track.

The articles that Terry has been emailing interested parties over the years can be found on his website under the menu item UPDATES.

June 19, 2020 - Terry Burtz has forward photos of the first engine blocks being sent to the US for machining. View those photos here

Last Updated: 10/23/2021