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Every two months, the Era Fashions Committee members write an article for the web site. The current and past articles are listed below for your education and enjoyment of Era Fashions.

Current Article:
Women, Exercise and Workout Clothes
by Patricia Menz

New articles posted January 1, March 1, May 1, July 1, September 1, and November 1

Past Articles:

First Published Article Title Author
May 2024 Scarves: Flirty and Debonaire Lois Przywitowski
March 2024 It's Razor Thin Perry Jones
January 2024 Model “A” Era Lady’s Shoe Heels Lynda Davis
November 2023 Whoopee! Pants Laurie Elliot
September 2023 Lines Not Styles Peggy Gill
July 2023 Novelty Jewelry Sherry Winkinhofer
May 2023 A Backward Interest in Design Lynda Davis
March 2023 Sleeves That Are "Sleeves" Perry Jones
January 2023 Laundry in the Model A Era Patricia Menz
November 2022 How I Dyed and Resurrected An Era Leather Purse Laurie Elliott
September 2022 Ladies Casual and Outdoor Wear Melanie Whittington
July 2022 Bouquets on Bonnets Sherry Winkinhofer
May 2022 Stitch in Time Diann Eason
March 2022 Slide Fasteners Perry Jones
January 2022 Looking One's Loveliest in 1928 Jill Barrett
November 2021 Fall is Around the Corner Patti Jones
September 2021 Men Working Melanie Whittington
July 2021 The Forgotten Accessory - Pins and Brooches Sherry Winkinhofer
May 2021 Sharpening Your Accessory Knowledge Diann Eason
March 2021 Looking One's Loveliest in 1929 Jill Barrett
January 2021 Jabots and Bertha Collars Add Era Flair to Modern Dresses Laurie Elliott
September 2020 Take a Little Trip Melanie Whittington
July 2020 Dress Clips Sherry Winkinhofer
May 2020 Looking Ones Loveliest in 1930 Jill Barrett
March 2020 Traveling Down Route 66 Patti Jones
January 2020 A Little Ribbon Goes a Long Way Laurie Elliott
November 2019 Color of Fashions in a Model A World Peggy Gill
September 2019 Plus Four Knickers for Fun Rosie Cassou
July 2019 Flowers as Fashion Sherry Winkinhofer
May 2019 Looking One's Loveliest in 1931 Jill Barrett
March 2019 Overall Appearance - What the Judges Look For Patti Jones
January 2019 Household Aprons in the Model A Era Laurie Elliott
November 2018 Adding Wow to your Model A Fashions Diann Eason
September 2018 Using Beads to Enhance Era Fashions Rosie Cassou
July 2018 Shoe Ornamentation Sherry Winkinhofer
May 2018 Taking your Measurements Lois Przywitowski
March 2018 Preserving Leather Collectibles Jill Barrett
January 2018 Beauty and Health, the Model A Way Mary Carlson
November 2017 Is it Celluloid or is it Bakelite? Diann Eason
September 2017 Sizing of Model A Era Patterns Peggy Gill
July 2017 Bringing Back the Bustle Mary Carlson
May 2017 Those Sensational Capes Lois Przywitowski
March 2017 Cloche Hats with Flair and Style Diann Easton
January 2017 Fit and Fashionable - A Gentleman's Ensemble Lynette Marcione
November 2016 The Perfect Bow Peggy Gill
September 2016 Shoes for the Beach Trudy Vestal
July 2016 Egyptian Enthusiasm Mary Carlson
May 2016 Back to Basics - Paris Frocks at Home Lois Przywitowski
March 2016 Entering Fashion Competition Lynette Marcione
January 2016 Crochet Sweaters Peggy Gill
November 2015 How to Look Like a Model A Era Man Sharon Johnson
September 2015 Jazz it up! Harriet McNeill
July 2015 One Two Buckle my Shoe Mary Carlson
May 2015 Romany Reversible Top Rings Rings Janet Gundlach
March 2015 Getting Started in Era Fashions Sharon Johnson
January 2015 Fashionable Boots Lois Przywitowski
November 2014 Your Crowning Glory Mary Carlson
September 2014 Are You A Wood Nymph Peggy Gill
July 2014 June Brides Harriet McNeill
May 2014 Perfume Sprayers Janet Gundlach
March 2014 From Rags to a Winner Sharon Johnson
January 2014 Pajamas Lois Przywitowski
November 2013 It's About Time Peggy Gill
September 2013 The Perfect Hat Mary Carlson
July 2013 Pen and Pencil Sets Judy Lewis
May 2013 Collars, Cuffs, and Sleeves Lois Przywitowski
March 2013 Wraps for Formal Events Janet Gundlach
January 2013 Quilted Taffeta Hand Bags Peggy Gill

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