Restorer Index


An index to the first 50 years of Restorer magazines, volume 1 to volume 50, was first published on the MAFCA website in 2006. It includes entries for every Restorer magazine published to that point, from 1956-2006. Earlier this year, a new index was created that covers Volume 1 to Volume 67. That index is on the website for you to use on the Downloads page as a PDF file.

Using your PDF reader, such as Adobe Reader in the Windows world or Preview in the Mac world, you can search for any author, subject, or title of all of the articles that were published. Photos of cars published in the magazine are also referenced in the index.

Once you have saved this index to your computer, you'll be able to find any Restorer article that has ever been printed.

One other note: there is also an index in the downloads folder to the "How To Restore Your Model A" series, a separate one for each volume.

Use these indexes to help you locate the article or story that you remember and want to look at one more time.

Each year, usually after the May/June issue of The Restorer is printed, the previous year's index will be available in the downloads folder as well


Last Updated: 09/11/23